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vesta Compliance Solutions, LLC.

With offices in New York City and Utrecht, Netherlands, our international consulting firm provides expertise, leadership & support in auditing financial institutions to detect, assess, and prevent financial crimes.

Established in 2003, our team members have always been leaders and pioneers in the industry. Through our experiences, we’ve learned that tried-and-true solutions and their more innovative counterparts aren’t mutually exclusive. At Vesta, we bridge old school and cutting edge solutions in creative and proven ways to to mitigate risk and to ensure that your compliance programs are successful and efficient.


It’s our job to help you do yours.


Our proven track-record says it all.

Vesta Compliance Solutions, LLC is designed to empower you to design and build Financial Crimes Compliance systems that fit your firm’s specific, evolving needs.

By merging tried-and-true approaches with cutting-edge tactics, technology, and insights, we maintain our commitment to providing you with the tools you need to protect your firm’s assets, reputation, and continued success.


We’re strengthening the compliance ecosystem 

Vesta runs the world’s foremost compliance industry peer group.


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